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What is Pennsylvania’s Statute of Limitations for Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim?

Understanding the ins and outs of the personal injury claims process may not be something you are familiar with. This is understandable especially if you don’t know anyone who has ever had to go through the process or you, yourself, never had to file a claim. However, when it comes to securing compensation for your damages, or the losses you suffered, filing a personal injury claim is usually the way to do this. But, there are rules and guidelines for doing so. There is much to know when you start the claims process which is why having an experienced attorney helping you can be so advantageous.

There are several important things to understand when you file a claim. You may have to file a claim against your own insurance or if your injuries are serious, then you may have to file a claim against another party’s insurance. Regardless of who you are filing your claim against, one of the most critical aspects of the process is that you do so before the deadline is up. That is, before Pennsylvania’s car accident statute of limitations expires.

For assistance with a Pennsylvania personal injury claim, you are welcome to come in and speak with Bethlehem, PA, personal injury attorney at Leeson & Leeson. The trusted and respected personal injury law firm in Pennsylvania, Leeson & Leeson, represents aggrieved individuals who were harmed by another party’s negligence throughout all of Eastern Pennsylvania including Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks, Schuylkill, Carbon, and Monroe counties.

When You Are Ready to File a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claim, Be Sure to Do in Time

Knowing the statute of limitations for the legal action you are going to take is critical. If you wait too long and you do not file by the end of the time allotted, you will miss out on your ability to recover compensation for your losses. Considering that car accidents can come with a wide variety of expensive damages like medical expenses and property damage repairs, this is likely the last thing that you would want to happen. Having to pay for all of the costs by yourself, may not be a possibility depending on your financial situation. And, it shouldn’t be especially when another party was reckless and caused your car accident and your damages.

Personal injury claims can come about in a variety of situations including slip and fall events, car accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and more.

After a personal injury event like a car accident in Pennsylvania, it is generally advised to seek medical attention to have your injuries diagnosed and to start a treatment plan that can help you recover. Then, not delaying speaking to an attorney is another crucial initial step. This is because, while there are some exceptions, you will typically only have two years from the date the car accident took place to file your suit. Since the claims process can be very involved, you do not want to do anything that can jeopardize your access to the financial compensation you deserve and need after your crash.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney Today

For more information regarding what your options are after a crash and if you would like to have your case reviewed, feel free to reach out to a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer at Leeson & Leeson by calling 610-691-3320.



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