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Personal Injury & Accidental Death


Most law firms set their contingency fees at 33-45% of a client's settlement or verdict. 80-95% of personal injury and wrongful death cases settle before trial. Why pay lawyers full fees for partial work?

Our 25% fee structure creates value for clients by ensuring that our clients get to keep a large amount of lawsuit proceeds after all legal

fees and medical expenses are deducted."

Easton PA

Personal Injury Law

A personal injury case can result from a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, pedestrian accident, or if a person or business causes someone to be injured because a dangerous condition existed at their store or on their property. In instances where you've experienced injury or illness due to the negligence, incompetence, or lack of professionalism from a healthcare provider - be it a doctor, nurse, medical facility, clinic, laboratory, or any other medical professional, the medical intricacies and the legal stipulations surrounding such a case are often intricate and multifaceted.

Legal Books

A personal injury that can give rise to a potential legal claim is an injury that occurs to your person (body), mind, or emotions, due to someone else’s carelessness. For example, while walking in a store, you slip and fall due to a puddle of water that had been on the floor for weeks without any attempt by the store to clean the puddle, rectify the cause of the puddle or post signs warning of the possible danger from the puddle. If you suffer a physical injury from the slip and fall, such as breaking an arm, you may have a personal injury claim against the store owner for your physical injury.


The amount of damages granted by a court is primarily based on the severity of the injury. An easy way to estimate the severity of the injury is by looking at the medical bills, the type of injury, and the length of time of recovery. If you feel that you may have been injured due to someone else's carelessness, it is very important to seek legal advice to determine

  1. Whether you have a viable legal claim,

  2. Whether the expense of hiring a lawyer to handle your claim will be worth the outcome of the legal action and

  3. Ensure that you bring legal action in a timely manner so that you are not barred by a state's statute of limitations.


Occasionally, no matter the severity of your injury or the extent of your medical expenses and lost wages, you may need a personal injury lawyer. This need generally arises when an insurance company or governmental body declines to propose any reasonable settlement. In such circumstances, obtaining some compensation — the sum a personal injury attorney can procure minus the legal fees — is preferable to receiving nothing at all.


Accidental Death

Legal claims can arise from a death if the death results from the negligent act of another person, such as an automobile accident or medical malpractice. In such circumstances, state law typically grants the spouse, children, and/or legal heirs of the deceased person (decedent) the right to pursue monetary damages on their own behalf, on behalf of the decedent, or on behalf of the decedent’s estate.

Generally, two types of claims can arise from a death that results from negligence:

  1. Wrongful Death Claims and

  2. Survival Claims.

A Wrongful Death claim arises when a state’s statute grants a relative of the decedent, such as a surviving spouse, child(ren), or parent, the ability to seek damages as a result of the death. Alternatively, a Survival statute allows a decedent’s claims to “survive” death and be brought by the decedent’s estate. It is important to consult with an attorney to determine whether your state has a Wrongful Death or Survival statute and whether you have a viable legal claim.

Over fifty years ago the Leeson law practice was built on three fundamental pillars that continue to guide the law firm today: the deliberate commitment to the growth and development of others, an unwavering dedication to integrity, and a dedication to a strong work ethic. Clients who seek legal services from Leeson & Leeson will be provided with services that meet, or exceed, the levels of proficiency that the Leeson family has maintained for the last fifty years.

Leeson & Leeson represents people throughout all of Eastern Pennsylvania, including those injured in Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks, Schuylkill, Carbon, and Monroe counties. Leeson & Leeson's law office is conveniently located in the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. If you are in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney, be sure to contact the legal team at Leeson & Lesson today.


Q: How Much Does Leeson & Leeson Charge?
A: Leeson & Leeson operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us only if and when we win your case. Our fee would come in the form of a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount we obtain. Leeson & Leeson's 25% contingency fee structure is one of the lowest fee structures of all law firms in Pennsylvania. 

Q: Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer?
A: Yes, hiring a lawyer is necessary in order to ensure that you are receiving the best legal advice and representation.

Q: How Experienced Are the Lawyers at Leeson & Leeson?
A: The Leeson & Leeson law firm is highly experienced in the areas of civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal defense. Our lawyers have many years of combined experience in these areas and have had considerable success with million dollar verdicts and trial as well as settlement success. We are dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients with the ultimate goal of making sure our clients end up with the maximum amount of money in their pocket at the end of the case.


Q: What Types of Cases Does Leeson & Leeson Handle?
A: Leeson & Leeson specializes in personal injury law, including car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and product liability.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Hire Leeson & Leeson?

A: Our attorneys at Leeson & Leeson offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case, and you will not be charged any fees unless we win your case. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal representation possible.

Q: How Much Can I Expect to Receive in a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case?
A: The amount of a settlement or verdict for damages can vary substantially from state to state, depending on the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred, alongside the facts of the case itself. Variables like hospital bills, car repair bills, and quotes from mechanics are used to determine the cost of an accident and what in most cases insurance companies will pay.


Q: What Is the Process of Filing a Claim With Leeson & Leeson?

A: The process of filing a claim with Leeson & Leeson begins with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will review your case, discuss the various legal options available to you, go over the claim filing process, and explain what to expect in court. After the consultation, we will begin the process of gathering evidence and preparing your case for trial.

Q: How Long Does the Process Typically Take?
A: The timeframe for a case to be resolved depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the case, the jurisdiction it is in, and the availability of evidence. Our experienced attorneys at Leeson & Leeson will do everything in their power to ensure that your case is being managed both effectively and efficiently.

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