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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, more commonly referred to simply as QDROs, are often an essential element of any divorce. Pensions and other retirement plans form some of the most valuable marital property to be distributed. Leeson & Leeson is happy to assist with both ERISA and Non-ERISA plans, as well as IRA transfers. Managing Attorney, Joseph F. Leeson, III brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his work as a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration degree. If you are interested in having a QDRO prepared, please contact us.

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The Process:

In general terms, the process can be distilled into five steps. After the necessary paperwork and information is collected from the parties, an initial draft is prepared for review. Following party review of the draft, it can be sent to most plans to be reviewed for pre-approval. Once pre-approval is granted, it can be submitted to the court to become an order. The order will be submitted to the plan administrator, and once deemed qualified, the process concludes.

Plan types we can assist you with:

  • Defined Contribution Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans in pay status

  • Defined Benefit Plan not in pay status

  • Military-Defined Benefit Plans in pay status

  • Military-Defined Benefit Plans not in pay status

  • Transfer to IRA with same IRA sponsor/custodian

  • Transfer to IRA with new IRA sponsor/custodian

Please Note:

While we are happy to work with Pro Se parties, the acceptance of a QDRO preparation request does not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship with the parties or necessitate the provision of legal advice. If possible, we strongly recommend parties undertake the QDRO process with their respective legal counsel.

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