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I Got Bit By a Dog, Can I Sue?

A personal injury case can result from various accidents, such as car accidents, dangerous conditions, and even dog bites. Dog bites are a personal injury that can give rise to a potential legal claim.

Our Bethlehem personal injury attorney at Leeson & Leeson explains more about obtaining compensation after a dog bite injury in Pennsylvania.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury is an injury that occurs to your person (body), mind, or emotions, due to someone else's carelessness. For example, while walking in a store, you slip and fall due to a puddle of water that had been on the floor for weeks without any attempt by the store to clean the puddle.

Damages granted by a court for these claims are generally based on the severity of the injury. Our attorneys can help estimate damages by looking at the medical bills, the type of injury, and the length of time it takes to recover. If you feel you may have been injured due to someone else's carelessness, it is very important to seek legal advice to determine the following:

  1. Whether you have a viable legal claim.

  2. Whether the expense of hiring a lawyer to handle your claim will be worth the outcome of the legal action.

  3. Ensure that you bring legal action in a timely manner so that you are not barred by a state's statute of limitations.

Are There Laws About Dog Bites in Pennsylvania?

In many states, the law will protect an individual from liability for the first time their dog injures someone as long as they have no reason to believe they were dangerous. Pennsylvania has a 'strict liability' law regarding dog bites. This means that any medical costs to the dog bite victim must be paid in full by the owner or keeper of the dog.

Whether the owner was negligent or knew the dog was dangerous does not matter. The owner is automatically liable as long as the dog bit or attacked someone. To bring a successful personal injury claim for a dog bite, you need to prove you were bit by the dog and that the owner was responsible for the dog at that time. You may also need to provide evidence of the medical costs entailed as a result of your injuries. These costs can include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other related expenses.

Under state law, any dog who bites or attacks a human has to be confined, for a period of at least ten days, to a space approved by the Department of Health, an animal control officer, or a police officer. This can mean the dog is detained on the dog owner's property as long as it is approved by the designated individuals. When a dog is a certified service dog or police work dog on duty, this law does not apply, and the dog does not have to be confined after the bite or attack.

Leeson & Leeson Can Help

To fully understand the best course of action after you have experienced an injury like a dog bite, reach out to our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney at Leeson & Leeson. For over 50 years, Leeson law practice has been committed to providing legal services to people throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Call Leeson & Leeson at 610-691-3320 today to set up a consultation.



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