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Building a Strong Motorcycle Accident Claim - Part II: Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid Mistakes That Could Result in Claims of Comparative Fault or Otherwise Affect Your Payout

Building a strong motorcycle accident claim in Pennsylvania means knowing what actions you should avoid. There are certain things that you should not do after a motorcycle wreck. To be sure, obtaining compensation after presenting a strong case requires avoiding some actions.

What are the mistakes you should avoid if you are trying to prepare a strong motorcycle accident claim? It is essential to avoid delay in seeking medical treatment and reporting the accident. In addition, it is critical to avoid admitting fault or apologizing. Anything you say that could be construed as an admission of guilt can hurt your case.

For more information on motorcycle accident claim mistakes, the Pennsylvania personal injury attorney at Leeson & Leeson explains more below.

Do Not Delay in Seeking a Medical Assessment and Treatment

You should not delay seeking an immediate medical assessment following the motorcycle crash. In addition, you should not avoid or delay any subsequent or follow-up treatment. Getting proper medical care promptly will be crucial to a strong motorcycle accident claim.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer As Soon As Possible

Do not delay in reporting the motorcycle accident to your insurer. As we have noted, you may not seek compensation from your insurance policy. At the same time, your motorcycle insurer likely requires you to report the crash in a timely manner, and as soon as possible. Accordingly, you should not delay. You could jeopardize the strength of your claim.

Never Admit Fault or Apologize

You should never admit fault or apologize for a motorcycle crash if you want to build a strong claim. If you admit fault or apologize — or if you say anything that could be construed as an admission of fault — you could jeopardize your case.

Indeed, an insurance company could deny the claim, or a defendant in your lawsuit could argue that your damages award should be limited due to comparative fault. In the most robust motorcycle crash claims, the injured motorcyclists do not say anything that could appear as an admission of fault.

Continue to Receive Treatment from Your Health Care Provider

To build a strong claim, you must continue receiving treatment from your healthcare provider. Otherwise, the defendant could argue that your injury worsened or failed to heal due to your own negligence.

Create a Detailed Record of Your Losses

The strongest motorcycle crash claims will have a detailed record of your losses, including economic and noneconomic losses such as:

  • Hospital bills

  • Surgery costs

  • Bills from your doctor’s office visits

  • Prescription medication costs

  • Lost wages due to your inability to work

  • Future lost wages are likely a result of your continued inability to work

  • Pain and suffering

  • Your loss of life enjoyment

  • Disfigurement

  • Mental trauma

File Your Lawsuit Within the Time Limit Set By the Statute of Limitations

To have a strong claim, you must ensure that you take the initial step of filing your lawsuit within the statute of limitations under Pennsylvania law.

Work with an Experienced and Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Attorney

To build the most substantial possible motorcycle accident claim in the Lehigh Valley, you will need to work with an attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident cases. Contact our Bethlehem personal injury lawyer at Leeson & Leeson today to see how we can help.



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